Mississinewa 2000

Mississinewa 2000
We need it tomorrow!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bruce's coat is done!

I just finished Bruce's coat.  It looks great!  Unfortunately, the camera is acting up, so I can't take photos.

I will cut Tom's coat tonight!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Tom!

Hey Tom - call me, or call Mike's number so we can discuss the fitting for your coat.

How much more ease do you want in the belly area? An inch or more?  Otherwise the fit looks pretty good!

Bonnie's coat is done!

Bonnie's coat is done!  Bruce's is going well. I will be sewing while Mike and friends game tonight.

Here are some photos of Bonnie's coat in progress.  Photos of the completed coat will come later. The camera is being borrowed tonight to take wargame photos.

                                                            Tails with bombs and trim
                                                                  Completed front
                                 Sleeve detail - had to slit trim and overlap to get the arch shape.
                                   Completed arches and second sleeve marked and ready to go.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bonnies coat progress

Bonnie's coat is going together well.  The sleeve trim actually went quite fast. The collar went on tonight, and the sleeves will be next tonight. I plan to get the lining in tomorrow morning. After all the buttons and collar hooks I will move on to Bruce's coat.  It is already cut, the tails and collar are done.

Here are some pictures to show you how the completed garment looks:

UK drummer                                      plate of musician                              Back view UK musicians

Photos of my work tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back on track

Whew, back on track finally.  The website did not work out. I could not post enough pictures to show the garments created from my patterns. I also devoted a lot of time to Fairy Fest in Appleton, WI. I made a lot of product, but have lots leftover. It is going on eBay, Etsy (store name Mom's boxes) and to a toy store in Cedarburg WI (Cedarburgtoy.com)

Like I said, now back on track and sewing 3 musicians uniforms for "Days of Napoleon". this is the Imperial livery - dark green with lots of trim.  I made one of these coats in 2002. That fellow did not come out onto the field. :(

I will post some photos later of that coat and plates of musicians. Meanwhile, here are some of the coats in progress.  Two coat linings are done, the outer wool, collars and sleeves.  the trim is starting to go on.


close up of turbacks and trim

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hi all, This is my first post! I have thought about posting sewing information on a blog for some time. I would like to post about hand sewing techniques and generally discuss historical sewing.

I developed many of my Napoleonic sewing patterns and had help from Kate Reynolds with a few more. I sell these patterns on eBay http://stores.ebay.com/A-Stitch-Out-of-Time-Patterns and my new website http://store01.prostores.com/astitchoutoftimenapoleonicsewingpatterns. Be sure to check both - the website does not have auction items, those are on the eBay store. Sometimes my auctions are historical garments, sometimes there are vintage items.

Anyway, I would like to start things off by discussing one of my patterns that is sorta tricky. This is the wonderful pokalem! A couple years ago I took photos of all the steps of construction. Today I took photos of the layout. First - a couple pictures of the pokalem!