Mississinewa 2000

Mississinewa 2000
We need it tomorrow!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hi all,

Starting up again with the pokalem - Once you have the ear flap piece done you may add the buttonhole as marked.  I do it by hand.

Here is the photo of the second cylinder  - don't know why it loaded sideways!

Next is the liner.  Ede stitch to prevent fraying if you like.  Sew into a cylinder and turn under  5/8"  on one long side. Stitch 1/2" away from the edge forming a hem.  Leave a one inch opening for the cord to be thereaded thru.

Take the band cylinder (the one without the trim)

and attach the drawstring liner at the dotted line.                        

You are applying the right side of the drawstring

liner to the right side of the cylinder.  The top of

the liner will face down and to topside of cylinder                                       

will be up.  Stitch ¼  inch seam as shown on pattern

piece for drawstring liner.  Flip liner over to cover

seam and press. Once again, the computer rotated it.


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